Born and raised in New York, Vaquera is a brand that constantly thinks outside the box. Vaquera brings that belief to light in their Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Founder, Patric DiCaprio, and co-designer Bryan Taubenesee play into the esoteric world that cultivates the brand’s vision. Vaquera is notably recognized for its “Do-it-Yourself” look and edgy aesthetics. Their newest collection represents both of these ideas through their shredded denim garments, nail-spiked garments, and silk in the form of streetwear.

This collection is clearly punk inspired with its off-the-grain styles and silhouettes. Unconventional pairings are seen in the collection which includes long black denim skirts styled with small bralette tops and studded belts. Moreover, the black sheer is paired with fur detailing on the arms and body. Black sheer is a fabric that is progressively seen in the collection, which takes form in a body suit and two-piece sets. This collection features three army green sweaters with varying silhouettes.

Vaquera furthers their punk inspiration through fishnet body suits, dresses, and crop tops styled with statement belts and harnesses. Black and distressed denim is consistently utilized in this collection in oversized jackets, bras, pants, and skirts. The relaxed denim accompanies the rock aesthetic of the collection. Although, Vaquera adds a touch of feminine colors and silhouettes as the collection progresses with a baby pink fishnet top, skirt, and dress. All three are styled in an edgy way, keeping the consistency of the brand’s image, with nail-spiked pants, and a black fuzzy poncho. A majority of these pieces have an avant-garde feeling with plastic full-length dresses and white-fuzzy fur detailing. This collection plays into a dream-like edgy fantasy with its off-center, yet distinctive styles.

Review by Jaden Zaan