When Fashion Cafe opened up in the 90s, The Associated Press called the chain “a couture version of Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe.” Thats what it felt like stepping into the WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

At breakfast I was told to find the coffee “at the end of the runway and turn left”, while Fashion TV was aired on repeat. Luckily, the breakfast menu wasn’t designed for or by models, and there were plenty of comfort food for us underfed editors. Wait, I take that back, we are probably the most fed in the industry. Sorry guys!

While it wasn’t the Donatella Versace bachelorette themed party I imagined, there were plenty of mannequins to remind me that fashion was alive outside of the city center with some Dutch EDM playing in the lobby bringing me back down from a fashion high. Too bad there aren’t any fashion themed hotels in the industrial parks of Paris, would brighten things up a bit for tourists craving something a bit more than an Ibis.