’London and Basketball have had major creative influences on me throughout my life. They are intense and alive. I want to make people feel strong and confident when they wear a TOMME piece, so when creating these bags I drew from the grittiness and determination that I get from the LIONS and LONDON itself.’’ Kelly Gunner, fashion designer and TOMME founder

TOMME and the London Lions’ new collab will add a little more fuel to the fire, bringing some of that on-court energy and determination back to the streets, reimagining a traditionally feminine accessory, and putting it at the centre of basketball culture. TOMME mastermind Kelly Gunner has been transforming items deep-rooted in a male-dominated sport into individual, unisex pieces. Inspired by the intersection between female and male sport and contemporary streetwear aesthetic, TOMME flips popular designs by the world’s biggest brands into one-off collectible and covetable items, as well as curating their own original designs.

To celebrate the launch of this special collaboration, the bag made its debut during Stefflon Don’s halftime show at this weekend’s London Lions game. ‘The World We Create’ campaign takes high fashion styling to the streets, seeing Lions players styled with the Tomme bag in everyday scenes across London. The collaboration brings the court to the street, whilst simultaneously championing the notion of women becoming big players across sports & streetwear.

Lions players (Ty Battle & Kiki Herbert Harrington) styled with the Tomme bag