Rui presented their Autumn Winter 2023 collection “TOWARDS THE ENDLESS FLOW” during Paris Fashion Week.

At Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Rui created an enclosed private experience by describing the texture of the “shell”. A curved, enveloping structure appears in a soft silhouette, as a symbol of the mother. Figures of the body are hidden by the swollen, three-dimensional shapes, and yet hazily outlined by velvet; the rich touch of wool, mohair, and cashmere brings an intimate warmth and sense of déjà vu; the mossy green and earthy taupe tones reveal the mark of nature in the silence, dotted with foggy, warm colors pulsate, bringing one into a blurred memory.

In the hands of Sati Leonne Faulks, the transparent rigid curtain with inorganic texture was transformed into a kind of unbridled romance; the models walked in this state between living and non-living, leaving the absurdity of inverted colors with the outstanding thumbs down under their feet. Model Jewel has left artistic fossilized snails on her face, echoing this ultimate “authenticity”. In the silence, this constant past, full of memories, will be filled only with water-stained footprints announcing “I was here”.


Styling: Laëtitia Gimenez

Set design: Sati Leonne Faulks

Videographer: Enantios Dromos

Photographer: Camille Mompach

Casting director: Senem Gunes

Movement director: Breckyn Dávila Drescher

Models: PeAnnaJewelUshkaNaïma, Ryme, OphelieFleurAmeliaAurelieSegoleneSophieYousraCeciliaLauryKamille

Hair: Toni&Guy

Make-Up: Thierry Do Nascimento

Nails: Eri Narita

Music: Qu Qiu Fan

PR & Production: Radical PR

Copy writer: Binglun He