Louise Reinke takes us backstage and to the runway during Paris Haute Couture Week at RVDK Ronald van der Kemp, the world’s first sustainable couture label.

Every single piece of clothing they made by hand in their atelier in Holland in the past few months has was included in this show without a single item edited out, demonstrating that they work with what they have and find. Meanwhile, all accessories were made with materials from overstock, deadstock and leftovers.


“We are on a mission to reinvent the notion of

a couture house for the future;

a couture house as a movement.” 

– Ronald van der Kemp


“Couture in its heydays set the tone in fashion! With my sustainable couture I want to inspire women to experiment with their wardrobes and with vintage fashion; to help them enhance their personalities and experiment with style and be conscious about what they buy! I also want to show the world that it is possible to make couture with existing materials, deadstock, high-end leftovers, vintage fabrics and that sustainability can be glamorous, sexy and high fashion.”

98% of the garments were crafted by re-appropriating fabrics and materials that came from overstock, vintage collections, leftovers from previous seasons and factory waste.