At only 14-years-old the indie-pop artist from Dublin who’s making incredible music way beyond her years, with a sound reminiscent to the likes of Billie Eilish, The Big Moon and SOAK. Earlier this year she released an EP which proved a hit with tastemakers. Earlier this summer Patricia shared her introspective new track ‘Alone’ returning past Friday with a brand new single ‘Self-Aware’ ahead of the release of her third EP.

Patricia, you started playing music at a very young age, why did it happen?

Well, I started going to guitar lessons at around age 10 just because a few of my friends went at the time. That’s kind of the first-ever music thing I started and it was just for fun really, my mom just asked me if I wanted to learn one day and my 10-year-old self was just like sure whatever. There was no intention of starting early with music, it just kind of happened!

Why did you decide to play covers on YouTube instead of trying to write original songs straight away?

I decided to cover songs on YouTube instead of singing originals just because I SUCKED at writing songs, I mean I’m glad I didn’t post any of my originals because they were truly terrible. Another reason is I just liked covering songs I loved! It was fun for me, way more fun than writing songs at the time.

What inspired your new single ‘Alone’?

‘Alone’ was inspired by me being really socially awkward, most of the songs off the EP are about being socially awkward haha. It’s just how it went, I would go to school, say something dumb and write a song about how much I regret saying the dumb thing. But ‘Alone’ is about not being able to say anything at all, being tongue-tied in front of someone for no reason. It’s inspired by me being a dingus in the outside world and not knowing what to say to people my own age! But I got a song out of it so it worked out 🙂

How have you managed to navigate and cope through the strange quarantine lockdown period?

Cope is not a word I would use just because I loved staying home, I’m very much a homebody and not having to do anything with my life and to just stay home. Especially learning school had ended, that was like the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It gave me back time to first off catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed because of early school hours, but to also get to writing songs when I feel like it. Thinking back to school times I don’t know how I managed to find time to write songs just because I’m able to do it whenever I want now. I’m lucky online school is over now and I can just do anything with my time, which is very nice.

Who are your favourite artists right now?

Right now I’m very much deep into Radiohead. People are saying ‘Alone’ has Radiohead vibes, which I wouldn’t be surprised at all, every time I write a song Radiohead comes out. I think it’s just cause I’m obsessed with them right now and everything I write is just a mix of everything I listen to, and right now that’s just Radiohead. A few other contenders are people like Florist, Mac DeMarco and Zero 7 are also incredible. Especially Zero 7, every song off their album The Garden is so incredible and it’s all I listen to right now.

What are your plans for 2020?

I’ve never really had a “plan for a certain year” just cause I’m a go with the flow kinda gal. I mean musically the plan is just to release as much music as possible and write as much music as possible, which so far has been proven difficult just cause I get so caught up in songs. Especially ending the song correctly, but then I start writing a new song and I forget about the other song. It’s a mess. But yea! Coronavirus has unfortunately cancelled all my plans of shows and festivals so this is the plan now! Which I’m fine with, staying home is underrated :))


Watch ‘Self-Aware’ below: