“I want to be an example of the black woman who gets her success without anybody”

These are the first words that introduce Marie-Pierra, mainly known now as Lous and The Yakuza. 

Early September, this Belgium model, and singer broke the internet with the video of her first single “Dilemme”. For years, she built a fanbase and became famous for her unique style and everyone was impatiently waiting for her music. And the wait is now over as her first track is going viral as she becomes the fresh new artist to follow.

Her first record “Gore” produced by El Guincho who previously produced Rosalia is set to drop in 2020.  So do we need to expect Lous and The Yakuza to be the next pop phenomena?  Let’s wait and see…but in the meantime, we met her in Paris, to discover more about this powerful and authentic girl who just wants to fuck the game in this corporate music industry. 

It’s been a long wait your music. And now that your first single is out, what are your thoughts?

It was emotionally intense. Really. I’m so grateful for everything that is happening now in my life. I’m happy that the people who followed me for years love it and I’m happy the new ones who came after this release like who I am. I’m excited for the next steps.

You said previously that you are doing music for you, to represent this black woman who wants to become successful on your own. Do you fight for this? 

Yes, this music that you are having, I fight for it. Every song on this album represents a part of my personality. It looks like I’m a schizophrenic girl as there will be some joyful tracks as well as some sad tracks. It’s all my facet in this record. I guess we all live the same things but in different forms.

Your first album is called “Gore”. Why this dark and bloody name?

Gore is this word that describes some horror movies. It’s extremely dark that sometimes you need to laugh. Sometimes my life is so dark and depressive that I need to laugh about it…Gore represents a part of my life.

The executive producer is El Guincho, how did this happened? 

When he produced the very first track of Rosalia, I’ve sent a message to my publisher telling him “make it happen!” and El Guincho replied.

In the beginning, he was supposed to make only two tracks with me but in the end, I told him “I want you to be the executive producer of the whole record”.

It was more than an artistic crush. It’s was a human crush… he’s like my uncle. He is here every single time when I need him. Even on Instagram he supported me when I released the video. It reminds me of the relationship between Timbaland and Aaliyah at the moment. He’s my mentor and I love him genuinely. I’m not a corporate girl but with him, everything is human. I need these feelings to work with somebody. And I’m still surprised by how he gave me so much time to make this record with me.

You seem to have been through so many difficulties in life, did he give you faith in doing this job?

Yes in my career I’ve been always been through so many difficulties. And I was always telling myself “I will fuck the game” to motivate myself.

To be honest and faithful to me, I want to be as best as I can and I think that’s why I motivate so many crazy people around me. El Guincho gave me this feeling how to be confident and to work on the truth. How the truth can be an artistic expression, and nothing will stop me doing my music. I can be mute or with one-armed but I will find an issue to make music; Trust me!

You always change your wig, does it depends on your daily mood? 

Haha, every morning there’s a meditation concerning this wig issue… I need to be in perfect symbiosis with myself. I need to accept my feelings and who I am. Sometimes I can be dressed like a diva and go to the supermarket but I don’t care (laughs). I need to be honest with myself every morning. Even when I’m in a bad mood. I will care about the people surrounding me.

Do you have any specific taste in fashion? 

I’m not into brands. Even if I love Hermes for example, but me, I need to mix all kind of brands and style.

In France, the press are often talking about the hype are the Belgium music scene, how do you deal with it? 

First of all, I read that I was hype but I’m not. I don’t care to be hype, all I want is to do my music and that people are liking it on Spotify. This makes me happy. Then what is hype? To have a strong community on Instagram?…euh…come on!

You will have residency during the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, are you excited? 

Living in Belgium, I did not even know what it was. Then when I read all the stuff and I realized how massive it can be for a young artist to be there. It will be punk, even my street community will be punk. I want people to be proud and to be traumatized after this. I’m motivated and will cry all my tears to make it happens. For now, everything is going well and as we want it to be. So let’s fuck this game. My team and I are ready.

And you are doing La Cigale in 2020, this is huge no?

Yes but my tour manager fight for this and we got it. I love how all my team is trying to get me this success I guess I deserved…

Shot on 35mm by Louise Reinke, interview by Ivica Mamedy