Khadyak is what we can call a Swiss knife. If in the past, she was mainly known as a choreographer and modeling for brands such as Hermès and Stella McCartney, she is now assuming a full-time singer job! In March 2020, when the world was getting hit by the COVID-19, she released her first EP “Rise and Walk”. It was important putting out this project, even before the Black Lives Matters movement became a vital and important social etiology.

Through “Rise and Walk”, she explained how it’s rude for a black woman who wants to be successful on her own is sometimes complicated. It’s about how the music industry handles black artists differently and does not understand the real meaning of cultural appropriation. Khady seems to be a powerful woman; making the music she wants as well as the way she wants to release it. Being independent, she has the entire control over how she wants to create her art. Promoting her own culture through a very sassy electronic hip-hop sound.

Recently, Khadyak features in electronic musician SebastiAn latest video “Movement” and made a vocal performance on experimental electropop Los Angeles artist NVDES. The song “Global” is a banger having an ecological statement, as a tree is planted with every purchase. In the meantime, Khady is currently working in the studio, preparing some new releases getting out later this year. So make sure to connect to her music!

Khadyak shot on 35mm by Louise Reinke and styled by Elodie Deval at Motorbass Studio.