When Karly-Marina Loaiza mainly know as Kali Uchis released her debut “genre-defying” mixtape in 2012, nobody expected that six years later, she will become one of the most influential female artists in the music industry. After a prestigious collaboration with Gorillaz, she released her highly anticipated first album Isolation this year which includes guests like Tyler the Creator, Jorja Smith as well as Damon Albarn. With her 999K on Instagram, Kali Uchis breaks the codes of this musical scene, proving us that despite being a singer, she has entire control over her art and is probably the most promising artist of our generation.

When the label asked us some weeks ago to meet her in Paris, we discovered a young lady who was confident about her career even if she was shy at the beginning of our conversation. We understood that Kali Uchis is the kind of artist who doesn’t need any advice from a record label to express her music, her femininity and futuristic vision.  She has her own team beside her.

You have a complete approach with your music, how do you control all this?

I considered myself as a visual artist. I just want to experience my senses when I make music.  I already have the visuals and feeling when I make something and that’s what happens when I directed my music videos. When I hear the music, I can automatically visualize it.

Is it easy for a young female artist to impose your own vision with your record label?

I mean, I have a team who totally trusts me. Even if I’m signed to a major, I did all the art direction of this album. They gave me the money to record it but I was the only one involved in the process. When I decided with whom I want to work with, it was my choice. It was important for me to be honest while making Isolation or it would have sounded fake.

You are a star on Instagram, are you a social media addict?

Haha, I usually don’t post as soon as I take a picture. I have maybe ten things ready and pending while I’m talking to you. I feel it’s a part of my job today. We are lucky having access to such social advertisement. We don’t have a bunch of money to put on promo so doing self-promo on Instagram is cool as a lot of people discovered me on it. They like my style so they follow me and then they discovered my music. It’s the easiest promotion you can do for a new artist like me. I don’t have huge billboards or an amazing marketing strategy as I’m not Beyoncé and Jay-Z but I have Instagram to promote myself.


“I don’t have huge billboards or an amazing

marketing strategy as I’m not Beyoncé and Jay-Z

but I have Instagram

to promote myself.”


You worked with a lot of impressive artists for this album, how did everything happen? Why these people?

I think when I’m excited about someone’s music, I go for it! I wanted some true artists, not somebody who will do music to be like others. For this first album, I’ve got some legends working with me. It was really important to show my taste and who I am. Everything was spontaneous.

You also consider yourself as a stylist, any favorite designers?

I just love designers making fresh things not just following the trends. It’s just exciting to follow designers from their beginning and we need to support them as they have a different vision of fashion. Not just copying Gucci.

Has Paris inspired a Colombian-American singer like you?

Paris is such an inspiring city and the French culture, in general, has a deep impact in the whole world.

Any guilty pleasure?

All my pleasures are guilty!

Portraits shot on film by Louise Reinke in Paris with interview by Ivica Mamedy