Jacquemus Spring Summer 2020 shot on Polaroid by Allan Hamitouche

June belongs to lavender and for the 10th anniversary of Jacquemus, Simon presented in Valensole where a fragrant purple field stretches upward towards the sky. This marks the third time the label returns south. He once again transcribes a vision of France through clothes that are rooted in the sincerity of the countryside and enriched by the incomparable influence of Paris.

The open-air runway evokes his journey with impressionist beauty. Those who walk this shocking pink path flaunt their exuberant print pairings and playful proportions as though they landed here from elsewhere – overdressed tourists and madcap artists perceiving this part of the world through their own free-spirited filters. With each look, they reveal the artistic impulse and personal storytelling inherent to JACQUEMUS.