Dutch designer, Duran Lantink, makes his debut into the Paris scene, regarding both fashion shows and his address. During his first Paris Fashion Week for FW23 Lantink continues to set the bar for sustainability in fashion with the fitting setting at La Caserne, the largest accelerator of ecological and societal transition dedicated to the fashion and luxury industry in Europe.

Many of Lantink’s materials, such as the khaki trousers and shearling used for the boots and jackets were sustainably sourced from deadstock in the Netherlands. Reusing otherwise discarded materials allows Lantink to do his part in reducing industry waste. Lantink conveyed to his audience how sustainable wardrobes are achievable with references to the famous “capsule closet” phenomenon, in which consumers re-wear and rework the pieces they already own to reduce overconsumption. Lantink supports this idea by reusing pieces throughout his collection, as seen with the repetition of the two-toned black and white skirt.

Lantink stays true to his signature upcycling style by incorporating many different reconstructed garments. From blazers and trousers to backpacks and car mats, Lantink redefines the reconstruction game by stepping outside of using just garments. Lantink is able to combine his identifiable reconstruction techniques with inspiration from his past works, using hints of metallic gold and silver fabrics throughout the collection to reference his gold coat worn by Beyoncé and silver coat worn by Lizzo. With eye-catching new designs, meditation soundtracks, and lighting incense, Lantink successfully enters the Paris fashion scene by engaging three different senses during his show to deliver quality and inspiration to his audience.

By Hanna Bailey

Duran Lantink Fall Winter 2023 at Paris Fashion Week