Back in 2016, upon my return to Paris after my summer vacation, I’ve got an invitation from Universal to meet Banks. Just a few days before The Alter, her second studio album came out. I remember seeing Jilian Rose Banks at the listening party, she was a bit nervous and introvert. The idea of making her French fans listening to her music was simply terrifying. After that night, I realized how sensitive she was, and that her music was a deep dive into her private life. Three years later, the American singer returns with a third record, called 111. The following is a transcription of our meeting in London.


© Louise Reinke

I know that you don’t really like doing promo, so what’s your mood today?

I’ve been in London for a few days promoting this new record and yes today I feel good. The idea of people hearing my new music is so exciting!

I first saw you live in 2013 and now I guess you feel more confident defending your music on stage?

I think it was a natural process. When my career started, everything happened very quickly. In the beginning, it was scary for me but I’m definitely having fun now, I feel more open and powerful. It’s a natural process to feel more comfortable. My art is a diary, it’s like sharing pieces of yourself to people you don’t know.

Your previous album The Alter had a more aggressive sound. I remember the first time I heard Trainwreck, it was very intense…

When I go to the studio I don’t have any plan. It’s more about whatever I need to say comes out and it came out. Writing music makes me feel powerful and someday you need to have these aggressive feelings…

Your new single Gimme is a «now you can call me that bitch» aggressive banger…

That song makes me feel powerful and it’s about to be proud of who you are and what you want. If you want something, you don’t need to be ashamed of asking for it. A relation where you want respect and that you totally deserve it. It was important for me to come back with this energy. It’s an important message to spread now. The way this society and culture works right now… women with all our differences need to support each other.

The music industry changed a lot since your last record, anything changed about the ways you crafted your new album?

The art and the business are opposite, so I prefer doing music without thinking about what people think about me – I do it for myself and the less I know, the less review I read, the happier I am. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to my music!

Tell me more about your new album 111.

My music is a reflection of what I am. I gave myself time and I was not super well after finishing my last tour. Mentally and physically; I felt disconnected to myself. I did not give myself time to think about how my life changed and the amount of work I’ve been thought. I’m very sensitive, emphatic and introvert…when you are out having all kind of people and stress every day, it’s rude. I decided to cut off and listen to my body so I did that, and now with this album, I just feel good after being far away from the internet, the business, cameras. Escaping all this was grateful for me and this album.

Why you chose London to premiere your album?

I love London as for me it’s mentally cool. The first trip with my music was here and it’s different from LA. It’s really nice to have in general so much culture, buildings, people in the same tiny place and LA is not like that. Europe is so refreshing…



“I decided to cut off and listen to my body so I did that,

and now with this album, I just feel good after being far

away from the internet, the business,




In 2018, you were the face of Shiseido makeup and I was wondering if you watch make-up tutorials on Youtube?

I usually don’t, but recently yes… When you get into this, it’s addictive. It’s a full-time job watching people doing this. It’s not a hobby but I know it’s very popular to do that, so when I’m curious, I just have a quick look.

And how much time did you take for your make-up this morning?

I will say… 30 minutes… we went out last night so it was rude haha…

What can we expect from you in 2019?

To be more romantic?!

Listen to Gimme below:


Words by Louise Reinke & Ivica Mamedy