As Didu successfully presents her first collection which was developed completely in Paris, she manages to inspire her audience to look for peace and positivity during a time of uncertainty. Didu alludes to the presence of darker events in the world with distressed and destroyed knitwear pieces, but shifts focus to the brighter, more positive parts of life that she urges viewers to focus on. These fluid, happy moments are represented by soft colors like light pink, cream, and neutral tones, along with breathable, sheer, fluid fabrics.

Because of her location shift from Shanghai to Paris, Didu offers first-hand insight into the merging and possible “clash” of cultures she experienced between her Parisian and Chinese styles. The “Ici C’est Le Paradis” collection highlights the two cultures with references to classic Chinese styles and European ballet ensembles. Didu draws from her Chinese background with the inclusion of the Mandarin collar, originally seen in Chinese Qipao, and the traditional Chinese hairpiece, fazan (髮簪). The Parisian influence shines through in European Ballet style with light pink fabric, satin pink shoes, sheer fabric, leotard cut bottoms, and legwarmers. This combination of two cultures is a testimony to the past, present, and future of Didu’s inspirations.

By Hanna Bailey


Styling: Samia Giobellina at Future Rep

Casting: Mollie Dendle at Mini Title

Models: Hiei at Xdirectn, Zora at Known, Freddie at The Squad, Timothee, Nima at M Management, Lu Yan at Titanium, Tosha at Girl, Muriel at Let It Go, Ajak at Face, Emilie at Lis, Zena, Paulin, Prune, Steven, Momoe, Adrienne, Elyve, Rebecca, Almamy, Matthiu

Hair: Shunsuke Meguro at Future Rep using @kevinmurphyuk @kevinmurphy.prouk

Assisted by: Jamie Keegan, Lucile Bertrand, Arpat, Mayuko Nakae

Make-Up: Grace Sinnott at Future Rep using @kvdbeauty, @elemis_uki @brandstandcomms

Assisted by: Shana Montier, Stella Ceriani, Lily Vanita, Santiago Arbelaez

Photography: Rémi Procureur