Nicholas di Felice, presented Courrèges Fall/Winter 23 collection during Paris Fashion Week, exploring the deep meaning and eye-opening concept that shows how society is too encaptivated with the usage of technology, maintaining the aesthetic of the brand’s futurism and exploitation of modern technology and fabrics. At first glance, the opening model is seen looking down at a phone screen with the screen light beaming onto her face. There are three looks in the collection holding cell phones to exemplify the inspired message of over-consumption of technology. Each of these looks are paired with an oversized jacket, such as leather jackets, tweed coats, etc. The arms do not actually lay in the sleeves of the jackets. This style is a common occurrence throughout the collection as it is seen with many other looks paired with oversized jackets and hoodies which give off a very unbothered yet stylish feel.

The collection is filled with neutral colors such as black, white, and grays. These colors project the cold, airy feel seen throughout the fashion show. These colors are shown within vinyl, sheer, and many more fabrics depending on the garment while red and pink make a soft appearance. Steering slightly away from minimalistic, three looks have ‘Courrèges” largely written across the garment. These looks are very bold and true to the brand as a whole. The garments are designed with cutouts, asymmetrical sleeves, and slits.

Another common occurrence are the circular mirror accessories, styled as necklaces or within cutouts of the garments. These mirrors help portray the conveying message of how people’s lives are consumed by their phones as they are reflecting the lights shining onto the runway towards the end of the collection. The last three looks are stunning, sheer, and iridescent, dresses, paired with mirror pendants.

Overall the Courrèges Fall/Winter 23 collection tells a compelling message within futurism, technology, and fabrics.

By Kristina Ziler

Courrèges FW23 at Paris Fashion Week