Charlotte Cardin started modeling when she was 15 until she took part of La Voix,  the Canadian version of The Voice show back in 2013. She didn’t win but Charlotte learned a lot and is about to release her first album later this year. After a couple successful singles in her country, she’s currently trying to seduce the European market with her EP Main Girl, out now via Parlophone. We met Charlotte in Paris for a glass of white wine and to talk about her next steps!


You released your new EP Main Girl last September in France, how can you describe this project? 

Officially it’s my second EP but for the European market, we just mixed the two which were already out in Canada to make one.  It’s an EP about some relationships between friends and lovers. I feel like this project is a kind of a modern romance.

So, like many artists, you used music to express some stuff you can’t express in your daily life? 

Yes, like 50% of my songs are things that happened to me…but the rest, it’s fiction in link with some stories my friends told me…

How do you feel to come in the French music industry? 

It’s very exciting as I love France where I come several times per year. I’m happy French people are discovering my music with this EP. For the moment we got some positive reviews, let’s see the next steps.

You are pretty known in your country, was it confusing coming to France and start from the beginning?

I’m more famous in Quebec than in the whole country but I feel like this is a challenge and it boots me a lot. We got a first contact with the French audience and I’m ok dealing with it, as so many good things are happening here!

You’ve been discovered during a TV reality show? Were you not afraid to be considered as a simple music product? 

Yes, I agree with you that sometimes some can be just a marketing product as very often people just saw you singing a song of 1m30 and suddenly you became a huge star in the country haha…But for me I was not supposed to do this, a Friday told me to try without any expectations. I’ve learned a lot about myself just the fact to sing in front of millions of people watching you it was an exercise. I’m happy that all this opened so many doors for me. I think that after this kind of TV reality show, you need to have a great team supporting you in a good way.

Are you interested in what is happening in France, any favorite band? 

I like the band called La Femme and I’m a huge fan of PNL!

I’ve read many articles about you and at every single time, they link your beauty to your music while for a man, for example, you don’t have this kind of link. Do you think beauty is essential to be a female artist?

I think that things are changing nowadays. The image is like a product labeling as the first contact is the physical aspect and then the sound. Actually many new artists are breaking these beauty criteria as they have some particular looks and that’s so interesting to see this evolution.

Are you a feminist?

Yes totally! I’m a feminist but I believe in women as well as men. I think there’s still an inequality between us but it’s important to be here and to talk about it!

What’s the next step for you? 

I’m working with a great team for the album which will be out later this year. And also, having some gigs in France too.

And what’s your favorite Céline Dion song? 

It changes every day as I listen many of her songs. But currently,  I will say Destin.