What do you get when you put two LVMH Prize Finalists together with 24S.com fueled by a mission to support emerging talents? The answer is two fabulous capsule collections, of course.

Khuyen Do got the chance to interview both Ashlynn Park of ASHYLN and Conner Ives of his namesake label on what it means to each have a capsule collection with the fashion capital’s hottest department store, along with some other things. American-born Conner Ives was nominated for LVMH Prize’s 2021 edition that saw designs related to a new Americana using vintage garments as raw material. Seoul native Ashlynn Park was nominated the following year and has worked at  Alexander Wang and later Raf Simons at Calvin Klein. Her work is noted for her timeless femininity and approaches to minimizing waste and environmental harm.

Check out what they have to say below.

What does a capsule collection with 24S.com, one of the most prominent Parisian online shopping destinations mean to you?

ASHLYNN PARK: As an LVMH Prize finalist, I received a proposal to collaborate on a capsule collection with 24S. I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity.  I knew it would be an ideal online destination to launch ASHLYN for the first time with the Parisian woman in mind.

What is your vision of a Parisian woman and her style? 

ASHLYNN PARK : I wanted to create looks that would make a statement on such an imposing woman who exudes a natural confidence in herself.

We’ve noticed that for this collection with 24S.com, you feature a lot of asymmetrical draping. Are there any particular cuts in women’s fashion that you feel are evergreen? Flattering and appealing on all body types? Or perhaps any that you feel are underrated?

ASHLYNN PARK : I love the curves of the body. And design for women of all sizes. I mainly incorporate an Eastern and intuitively playful approach into my designs, with many steps in the process. I am a pattern maker with a foundation in men’s tailoring. I continuously perfect my patterns and pattern blocks. I am obsessed with fit, draping, and positioning each design detail to fall on the body in the precise place and to make the wearer feel wonderful and empowered. All is organically designed but intentionally calculated and rigorous. ASHLYN is crafted for eternity. I design for things to last. I design to minimize waste – natural and human resources. I design to reduce the impulse for rapid consumption. I design with a respect for both history and new innovations in mind. I hope more people will discover my “evergreen” pieces.

What does body positivity mean to you?

ASHLYNN PARK : Self-confidence. Self-respect.  Celebrating diverse shapes and sizes.

Do you design clothing with your daughters in mind? 

ASHLYNN PARK : I consider the environment my children are growing up in. The fashion business is well known as one of the more harmful industries to our waters and earth. Minimization and optimization of the process, commitment to a made-to-order production model, and smart design thinking led to my zero-waste collection – all these steps are ways to contribute to a better future for my daughters. I wanted to create looks that would make a statement on such an imposing woman who exudes a natural confidence in herself.

You can find ASHLYN x 24S HERE

What’s your favourite piece in the 24S.com collection and what’s the story behind it?

Conner Ives: My favorite pieces are the exclusive Swarovski tribal t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. The graphic came from an old new age art book I reference a lot. I specifically loved the colors and layout. With these pieces, we implement vintage t-shirts all with the same base color. The graphics on each t-shirt varies, so each item is completely unique. The crystal we put on the t-shirt is the same too, but I think it’s unique that we can deliver product at a RTW price point that mirrors the unique-ness of our Demi-Couture.

What does a capsule collection with one of the most prominent Parisian online shopping destinations mean to you?

Conner Ives: I am thrilled to be working with 24S.com and loved the capsule we created for them. The pieces feel unique enough to really be standouts, emotional purchases I hope the 24s.com customer will cherish.

What is your vision of a Parisian woman and her style?

Conner Ives: I loved in Paris 2018-2019 and in that year, I found myself emulating a lot of what was around me. I would throw on blazers over anything, it was also the inception of my obsession with a running legging. I think French women have an incredible ability to build a wardrobe, which is a process I have tried to emulate in making our collections. A wardrobe curator is an often-over-looked skill, it takes an innate sense of self to build a wardrobe.

What does sustainability and “eco-friendly” fashion mean to you?

Conner Ives: I have always said I wouldn’t work in this industry if I didn’t work sustainably, so for me it is absolutely essential. But foremost, I think sustainability needs to be accompanied with honesty. There are no rubrics to score the sustainability of a garment, and nowadays, most major fashion brands can claim some fraction of sustainability. I try to be upfront about the processes, how meticulous our production processes can be. It’ hard workout I am so proud of it.

Do you find that London fashion/attitude affects your work more now that you’re based there, or do you feel that it’s just a culmination of all your experiences?

Conner Ives: I’ve always been based here, but I think it has always influenced me. I don’t think it’s my sole influence, and your right it does become a culmination of all of these lived experiences. I probably only spend about 2 weeks a year in America, but it is also my biggest inspiration. And as I have gotten older, I find inspiration everywhere.

You can find Connor Ives x 24S HERE