For Fall 23, models in a Balenciaga store dressing room take selfies, wearing and surrounded by pieces that make up the collection: new and updated signature pieces, innovative accessories, and studies in tailoring and sustainability.

Much jewelry, eyewear, and outerwear shells are made with recycled elements, including silver, polyester, nylon, and polyamide, or with bio-based materials. Puffer, biker, skater, and varsity jackets are reinvented, experimenting with volume and materiality. Parkas become wraps and gilets; peacoats and trenches are cropped and folded under; suit jackets or shirts are enlarged and doubled over or padded, creating several reconstructed silhouettes. Sweaters include integrated gloves or are made without seams. Casual separates like tracksuits, trousers, hoodies, and T-shirts are seen in distinctive proportions and elevated fabrics, like mirror satin, fluid velvet, bleached molleton, soft leather, and rubberized mesh. Jeans are tailored with organic Japanese, indigo ring Italian, or soft lefthand twill denim.

Balenciaga Fall 2023