British artist and designer Harry Freegard created a surreal and extreme surrounding which once again remarked the clash between the simplicity and functionality of the design and the very articulate work and imagination around it for Medea Fall/Winter 2021/22.

This season they introduced a new material,100% metal free leather. This type of leather doesn’t release any heavy metals – responsible for soil and water pollution – into the environment during both tanning and disposal process. That is why the object has a very colourful eco print that states “THIS BAG BREAKS DOWN IN DIRT“.

We go backstage styled by Harry Freegard, Make up by Grace Sinnot, Hair by John Allan, Set Design by Rory Mullen, and talents captured on Polaroid includes Jess Maybury @Elite, Coumba @Antiagency, Gigy Hary @Tomorrowisanotherday, Vanessa Ohenlen, and Harry Plomer.

The collection will be available on MEDEAMEDEA.IT and selected retailers July 2021.