With high praise from i-D, Paper, Notion, Fader and many other publications in the industry, a sound that melds neo-soul, R&B, and high praise for the likes of Erykah Badu and Ella Fitzgerald, Andrea Valle has served up seven new contenders for song of the summer.

Today, the Philly-based songstress drops her sophomore EP Lovergirl via b4. The seven-song EP includes recently released single Wild whose video is an otherworldly digital get down directed by the digital artist Sarah Nicole François. Read our interview below and stream the EP here.

©Ryan Powell

Andrea really loved seeing you collaborating with Sarah Nicole François on Wild visuals. How did you guys end up working together, what pushed you to work in that artistic direction?

I’ve been following Sarah on social media for a long time. I was so happy when I saw she worked with Solange, who’s also an impactful black woman creative. And I just think it was predestined to work with Sarah, because her art is so beautiful and intricate. I went in this particular direction because of the pandemic and the unsafe times with doing IRL collaborative shoots so we made a virtual clubby world just for Wild and I love where it takes me every time I watch it.

Your new album EP is called Lovergirl we need love more than ever, was this decision deliberate and do you believe love has the power to cure defects in the structure of modern society?

How would you apply love as a philosophy to solve real-life problems? Interesting enough this has been in the works far past the recent events and in a way it could be deliberate but I’m really just a Lovergirl at heart, I’m soft I’m emotional, I’m moody, I’m just sensitive about my shit and my feelings so I let it pour out into the music, the only way I really know how to express it. I think love absolutely can cure defects in modern society but it starts with our allies and it starts with people listening and receiving instead of staying silent or entitled to their privileges.

Which track is your favourite and what is the story behind it?

My favorite track is WIYLL, abbreviation for what is your love like, produced by Josh Crocker, and it’s the most ironic song because I’m describing love as a decoy yet I’m still forthcoming, interested and ready for this guy. and I’m also downplaying it by calling it a side piece just for the night. It was a play on words and action.

You are a wonderful mix of cultures, what is your advice to people who remain trapped within one single culture?

My best advice would just be to explore, don’t be afraid to try new things, and always have some fun with it.

What is the best relationship advice hidden in Lovergirl?

Tough one… I think I would have to ask my listeners what they took from it.

Watch Wild below: