Originating from Romagna, Alberto Bazzoli and Gianni D’Amato have listened to and written a lot of music….

Both of them have a deep knowledge of the musical environment even if in a complementary way: Alberto, graduated at the conservatory, more at a technical-instrumental level, Gianni, graduating in philosophy, in the organizational and PR field. Beyond the personality difference, it is thanks to the peculiar and essential diversity of their backgrounds that Alberto Bazzoli and Gianni D’Amato manage to make possible the constant and incessant flow of their creative and artistic vein, as well as in their being both composers.

Their music, in fact, while departing from the sounds tested in the past, has maintained a vintage allure background in which the use of polyglot words echoes redundant producing a “slogan” effect.

Their sounds come from a variety of inspirations, complementary and only apparently in contrast: 80s disco music to pure rock, from 70s/80s Italian pop to French music. 

“SuperPop” is the title of their debut album, released in October 2020, in which they wanted to include the different suggestions that emerged and that allowed the creation of it but at the same time have also been able to act as a representative code of their style. In the two singles “Love me” and “Monaco”, framed by a “pretentious” intro and a chamber music coda, we find Neoclassicism, Baroque, the 70s, chamber music, disco music, the Beatles, Pop, Kitsch, love, and sex, irony, sometimes cheeky, sometimes subtle… In the videos of the two songs, the iconographic interpretation of the various contaminations is revealed in a whirlwind of quotations: from Magritte to classical and renaissance art, from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam to Caravaggio’s baskets of fruit.

In their latest single “Zero” emblematically released on Christmas night, they investigate the artistic theme of the Sacred. On a musical level, the song opens up to new sounds, more electronic than the previous experience, with walls of synths and autotune.

Alberto Bazzoli & Gianni D’Amato shot by Simone Riccomi and styled by Luana Mazzieri