Adam Jones presented his latest collection in London inspired by imagery and ideas of simpler times in working-class Britain’s past, from a time the designer did not live through yet is nostalgic for, a time learned about via family photographs and stories, also through materials and memorabilia he was surrounded with growing up in Wales, which he found to be stuck in the hangover of the 1970s, the decade he feels he grew up in.



Jones pays homage to the hard-working men who keep the street alive, wearing their stripes to work in the many butchers, fishmongers, and fruit stalls in his neighborhood. There is a formality to what these men wear, not too dissimilar to the men in pinstripe suits who pass them on the way to the office, there is a commonality in the way both men dress, but in different ways, for different environments, which he finds fascinating. The stripes can be seen on jackets and coats, and also on dresses that are made up of two aprons, one worn on the front, one worn backward, and tied together around the waist, will these be sold? Probably not, he is just selling the idea.













Backstage Photographer: Emma Jones @emwajones 

Venue: The Salon at Bureau

Styling: Adam Jones

Hair: Charles Stanley @cmstanley13 

Models: IMM / majority street cast via Instagram