2019 was an amazing year for young singer Elia. She was the opening act of Tamino, she signed a record deal with Mercury France (Universal) and she released her first EP which was exclusively produced by futuristic hip-hop producer Twinsmatic.

So, it seems legit that many good things are coming up for her in 2020. But before this, a little throwback when some weeks ago, we met her in Paris, trying to discover more about her music, her style and her admiration for Marine Serre. 

What’s your mood, releasing this first EP?

I’m a very sensitive girl. If I have a good feeling with someone, I will make it. If it’s the opposite, I will skip it immediately. This EP was produced by the same guy, Twinsmatic.  We spent so much time together last summer creating this piece of art. In the beginning, he was supposed to make only two tracks but we did the whole EP. It was just a question of feeling, and my team was proud of it so they push me to make it with him.

What were the main steps when you created the EP with Twinsmatic?

When I released my very first song “Aurore” it was because I was on tour with Tamino. My team was like « maybe we need to put something out so people can have an idea about your music! ». I signed a record deal with Universal with this song, so it has a symbolic meaning for me. But for the next steps, we decided to take more time, trying to identify what was my real artistic mood.

I knew that I wanted to make something that can surprise people due to the mix of genre and I was listening to Twinsmatic. He made a cool job for famous rappers like Booba and Damso. We did some tracks last summer and the feeling was just insane. We were understanding each other. After spending the whole summer together, my artistic director told us that we got the right direction. And so, now it’s out!

So do you identify as a rapper or pop singer? 

I will say a pop singer as I wanted it to be popular. All my inspirations are popular. From Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, their voice became popular and became huge inspirations for me. With Twinsmatic, we decided to bring back this contemporary popular music that I was listening to when I was a teenager. I mean, this Aaliyah and Timbaland vibes and era.

With Twinsmatic, we spent so many days listing to The Weekend as well as PartyNextDoor, the new generation that became popular in the hip hop as well as in the pop scene.

How do you feel to be part of a huge record label, you don’t feel to be like a product?

I don’t know if you can be free when you are signed on a major. For me, from the moment I’m surrounded by good people with whom u can develop things in a positive vibe, it’s essential. We can be independent in our mindset even in a record label like Universal.

Many female singers are engaged, they became a spokeswoman of opinion or a feminist movement, do you feel relate to this? 

My job is to make music and it’s an engagement. I don’t have any speech which can be meaningful. My aim is mainly artistic and to believe that we, female singers can make this job. My single “Pornographie” reflects this feminist and girl power leadership in a relationship. It’s about a girl who likes a guy who’s only on the internet. The step before meeting each other. To be honest, we need to make music sincerely not with an opportunistic approach.

And talking about your single, do you stalk?

Of course, I’ve been looking for all your articles before meeting you (laughs)…

What are your emotions making your songs live now that it’s out?

I love this feeling, sharing these songs with strangers is quite intense. I know girls don’t like to be an object of desire because they may think they are used as an instrument but it’s mainly the idea of sharing.

In your video, you wear a Marine Serre jumpsuit, do you have any favourite fashion designers?

Visuals are important nowadays. It’s linked with music. When I decided to make pop music, it was normal to create an identity and to push these designers I like. I love Marine Serre because it’s unique. This moon printing is now easily recognized and that’s why I love her brand. She has her own identity and it’s simple as fuck to wear. The image helps to simplify the information. For example, Missy Elliot for me made this.

Interview and 35mm photos by Ivica Mamedy